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Tuija Lehti
20540 Turku, Finland

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Kennel Basbuddy is located in the town of Turku. We live on edge of town in Metsämäki. Our yard of 2500 square meter is wholly fenced to have safe surroundings for the bassets.

A long-cherised dream was fulfilled when we got our first Basset Hound in 2001. Öhkömönkijän Huushollerska, or as we call her, Justiina, won our hearts and conquered our sofa, and I knew then that Basset Hound is truly my breed.

Later Justiina gave us two litters. In 2005 we were joined by another Basset Hound, EUJW-06 EEW-07 FIN&LV&EST Ch Basstrick’s Care Me, or ”Kerttu.” Afterwards it became clear that Kerttu will be my foundation bitch from whom all of my current bassets are descended. Kerttu gave us plenty of champions and it was a real start for my breeding of basset hounds.

Our Bassets live as part of our family and thus mine is a small-scale kennel, producing litters once in a year or two.

My goal as a breeder is to bring up healthy, nicely built and well-moving Basset Hounds with excellent temperaments.

I have signed the Finnish Kennel Club’s Breeder Commitment and completed both basic and advanced breeder courses.

Kennel Basbuddy was awarded the Basset Hound breeder of the Year in 2010 and 2011 in Finland.

You are welcome to see us with an appointment.